Motor Fleet Insurance

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

Motor Fleet Insurance covers multiple vehicles on the same policy and can start from as little as 2 vehicles. One of the major benefits of Fleet Insurance is that it’s simpler and more straightforward way of insuring multiple vehicles rather than maintaining a number of individual policies which is an administration nightmare.

Instead, you only need to renew one policy. It also offers greater flexibility and peace of mind as it is easy to add and remove vehicles as and when you change them and drivers are not restricted in the same way for which vehicles they can and can’t drive.

Motor fleet insurance at JPM

What does our Motor Fleet Insurance include?

Depending on your circumstances and the covers you opt to take, a motor fleet insurance policy can provide you and your business protection for:

  • Damage or theft of your vehicles
  • Damage to a third party vehicle involved in an accident with one of your vehicles if your driver is at fault
  • Medical costs for personal injury claims for your driver or passengers or third party injuries if your driver is at fault.
  • Damage to windscreens
  • Vehicle recovery in the event of an accident (breakdown cover can be added)
  • Legal fees
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Replacement locks should your keys be stolen
  • Range of excesses to suit your requirements
  • Flexible payment options

What type of vehicles can we cover on your Motor Fleet Insurance?

All of the below vehicles can be covered on a motor fleet policy:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Goods-carrying vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Special types vehicles
  • Trailers

How can JPM Help with your Motor Fleet Insurance?

At JPM Broking Services we have vast experience with motor insurance in fleet policies in particular. Whether you have a 2 vehicle ‘fleet’ and or you have a large fleet of 50+ vehicles including HGV’s and vans we will be able to help. Our knowledge of the insurance markets allows us to gather the information required quickly, efficiently and then using our relationships with the relevant insurers we can then provide you with the cover you require at the best available premium.


If you would like any further information about how JPM insurance can help you with your motor fleet insurance needs please contact us on 0121 269 5200 or email us on

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